ليا The Based Goddess

Everyone who’s hating on the twins… wow. It’s the BAD GIRLS CLUB. If it wasn’t for them, y’all wouldn’t even have shit to hate on! It would’ve been the best friends club. Out of alllll the FUCKED up shit that those bitches have done to each other from season 1 up until now, people only hate Dani and Gabi because they’re twins, and because they’re beautiful. People are so jealous. If they were ugly as shit and acted the same way, people wouldn’t be as mad about their actions. I’ve noticed people get really butthurt when a pretty girl does some shit than when a rachet ass hoe does the same thing. Lmao. Well, regardless, the twins seem to be going far with their little fame, and I wish them the best. Cause I’m not hating ass bitch. ;)

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